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What area do you serve?

MPX serves a wide range of areas within the Mid-West.  Including the Quad Cities (Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline), St. Louis, MO,  Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, Des Moines, IA, Iowa City, IA, Bloomington Normal, IL, Champaign, IL, to Peoria, IL. Don't see your location, just contact us and we will be happy to help you out.


How do I book?

Contact MPX by filling out the form online CONTACT US, E-mail: Phone:  563-514-1470 Pay for the Xperience desired XPERIENCES


What is required from me at booking?

$250 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. This dollar amount is held as a security/cleaning deposit. This dollar amount is applied to the cost of your Xperience and the balance will be applied upon return of the equipment.


What size space do I need to have available for the trailer?

Each trailer is slightly different in size. Trailers will need to be parked by a standard sized SUV or truck.  We recommend a space of a minimum of 20’ x 40’ to maximize viewing. 


How long can I rent the Mobile Party Xperience for?

Each package has a different time limit – Packages don’t work for what you are thinking?  Call to inquire for a “Custom Xperience”. 


What happens when we are having fun and want to rent for longer?

Rentals subject to $200/Hr. for overages past booked package. Or you automatically pay for the next package higher.


How will I know how to set my Xperience up?

Before you rent one of our trailers, we do a complete walkthrough and setup of all equipment. We will also have step-by-step instructions for all of the electronics and technology available with the trailer, should they require troubleshooting. We will also be available by phone to help you while on your Xperience.


What happens to my deposit if we have to cancel our Xperience?

A $250 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking, and will not be refunded.


What happens to the deposit required at booking?

Your deposit will be applied to your Xperience, provided everything is returned in an appropriate condition.  $250 deposit will be kept if any items are missing, damaged, not in working condition.


What happens if there is inclimate weather and we need to cancel our Xperience?

Your $250 non-refundable deposit will be used as credit for another Xperience in the future as long as your trailer is not booked. Some restrictions may apply. You have up to 180 days to re-book your Xperience.


Can I purchase alcoholic beverages through MPX?

No. You must provide your own alcoholic beverages.


What will I need to bring for my Xperience?

Bring yourself, those who you want to share your ultimate Xperience with, and any other items that can add to the value of your Xperience. Food and beverage are not provided. Catering packages available.


How does the bathroom work?

Each trailer has an RV style bathroom that has a flushable toilet. Only MPX-provided toilet paper is allowed to be flushed. Any other items, including diapers, diaper wipes, personal wipes, and other sanitary products must be disposed of differently. Any clogging of the commode will result in forfeiture of security deposit.

How do I know my Xperience is confirmed?

A member from the MPX staff will confirm details with you via e-mail.

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